Winter 2024


My use of the antiquated term "cyber" is just a jab at Mike Lindell... who keeps using it. Hilarously.

How about we make use of the internet for voting?

I am aware this idea has a zillion hurdles to clear, but just proposing one solution. (Like, for example, it requires an internet-connected computer... and that discrimates against certian types of people)

Maybe we oughta have a couple elections where all you can do is log-in and check your vote. This will deter scammers like Donald Trump from being able to say "votes were switched". I'll be able to log-in myself and see whether or not that is true. The opposing party - Democrat or Republican, can just tell their voters "look and see". Done deal.
From that point on, tech will have advanced so that security is imposible to hack. Finger-print verification, or something like that. Then we just vote this way. Watch voter participation sky-rocket.... bc "none-of-the-above" has been winning elections since the 80's. About 40% of the voting-age citizenry doesn't vote. 40 percent!!

Make Voting Great Again!

Fall 2023


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The James Webb Telespode, and Aliens

I've been asking this on Facebook for some time, but I really do want to commit this idea to writing...

Hasn't the James Webb Telescope essentially solved the Fermi Paradox?

The Fermi Paradox, in layman's terms, essential boils down to:
"OK, wise guy, if we are not alone in the universe, then where the ____ are the aliens?"
"I'll grant you, given the sheer size of space... it just seems likely there is life out there.
So where are they?"

The Hubble 'scope was able to see pretty far into space... but the Webb can see REALLY FAR. Farther than we could ever go. TripAdvisor ain't gonna help you. Unless we figure out how to hyperjump or bend physical space somehow, we can close the book on extraterrestrial life either coming to Earth... or us going there. If the Webb isn't detecting life, it's a wrap, right? The James Webb telescope has answered the question if we are alone in the universe. We totally are. I don't care if they find a society 150,000 light years away - I'm gonna go out on a limb and say I probably will be dead by then, so what is the point.

Also, THE SCALE of things is another one. If the universe is indeed infinite - why wouldn't size be infinite too? Isn't it frankly a little absurd to speculate aliens will show up and be HUMANIOD-sized?

How does GOD fit into all of this? Well, I'd argue that question is essentially solved, too. Since any detection of life will be too far to study up close... the Bible-bangers are free to say
"GOD put it there". They already moved the goalposts on Age of the Universe / Jesus ascending into the sky / Heaven is above the clouds.
So, either you have faith or you don't. Yes, the "mysteries of the universe" may not be concluded... but here on Earth, what does it matter? If I don't pay the electric bill they will shut my internet right the f%#$ off.
As for me personally, I struggle with the 6000 year timeline. But that's just me, and nobody cares what I think...

Spring 2023

The Spectrum

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Recently, I got my head around the concept of "Spectrum". It applies to many issues in life.

It was while watching a podcast - where Theo Von asks "Is the universe gay or straight?" Aside from his hilarious delivery, and timing... Theo Von uses the everyman style to ask some quite relevant questions.

The answer comes from a natural scientist, but he makes a good point. "X" or "Y" are constructs WE AS HUMANS push... but the world and universe doesn't work that way. Things are not either one or the other. Most issues in life are on a SPECTRUM.
Think of colors. Colors just different wavelegths of light.
Think of gender assignment. There is XY, YY, XX, XXY, YYX, etc.

It is helpful to view things not as polar, but shades of each.

Say... for example... politics

Fall 2022

America's Cup Eyesore

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Let's take a break from the political diatribes, and write about design stuff

The America's Cup - contested roughly every 4 years - can always be relied upon to feature the best of tech, and have top notch sponsors. Not just monied folks, but monied with STYLE.

For example, Italy's entry Luna Rossa is sponsored by Prada... and looks just stunning.

The sailing is rad AF, and the latest iteration is giant monohulls THAT FOIL. That's right, foiling boats that are massive, single hull. and probably weigh less than your mom (I couldn't resist) That being said, they have one side that is just too ugly. See, the foils can retract, so they elevate the upwind one out of the water. More efficient that way. Cool and all, but creates an eyesore that designers like me cannot stand by and resist pointing out.
I know, I know - "we gotta have the most cutting-edge sailing out there..."

Yeah, but it looks stupid

If Steve Fosset hadn't crashed himself dead, he would be out here ridiculing these boats endlessly.... and would be right. The foils should stay underwater at all times.
These boats generally look great, and the tech is second to none. But that giant blade coming out of the water has got to go. I totally respect the fact they aren't only using "tradition" as their guiding principle. But they made a mistake here.

Summer 2022


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The nature of Geopolitics 2023 and beyond is a tough thing to view.

The USA is the United States of America. The country has achieved great things (automobile, flight, space travel computers) but only ever did so as a UNITED society. There have been forces working against this for decades, and I don't think it'll be coming back. So, let's talk about divisions that make sense.

3rd Party (for me this is "Californians")

I think the "United" ship has sailed. One side views the other as not only wrong, but also EVIL. Aside from the USA's ruling bodies being gridlocked, the portions of the country hate on each other... with States suing other Staes and blaming one another for the nation's problems. So I say break them up. We don't need a Civil War - the other side can just go. Want to form your own nation? Be my guest. Our tax dollars are subsidizing your lifestyle. The South forming a thoecracy would be a GOOD thing for us Californians. They can stop partying on our dime, and form their own place.

The North can go one direction.
The South can go one direction.
California's tax dollars can stop paying the South's bills!

    (BTW, using another art's work - above - uncredited is the lamest of lame. It's just that I do not know who it belongs to...)
Spring 2022

The Greatest Designer of the 20th Century

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I'm going to try and make the argument that Steve Jobs was the greatest designer of 1900-2000.

Better than Charles Eames, Herb Lubalin, Paul Rand, Albert Einstein, Saul Bass... Kurt Miller. Y'know, the greats!

Great design looks good

Great design also FEELS good. There are TWO components to a great design. I don't think you can just do the pretty-to-look-at part. I'm not an Steve Jobs or Apple fanboy, in fact I think he was a little shit, and the guy got what he deserved... but fair is fair.
Steve Jobs stood on principle, and that principle was great design. His contributions to the ethos are undeniable, but the WAY in which he forced his contribution, is what I am talkinag about here. Before the iPhone came along, ppl did not really understand good product design. Now it is demanded. In the 1990's. computers were just beige boxes.... Now case design is more impartant than ever.

From the clothing we wear, to the houses in which we reside - design is experiencing a rennesaince. And Steve Jobs just may be able to take credit for starting it.

Summer 2021

On Lying

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It has been remarked that the period we are in willl become known as a "post-truth era"

Well, what the fuck is that supposed to mean now?

Unfortunately, I believe historians will look back upon this era as when lying took a central role in our national discourse.

I would like to live in an era where authority figures need to be honest to be successful. Not trying to trick you. Being caught, red-handed, in a lie would be the finale of your career. No matter who you lied to. But our politics have become tribal. Donald Trump, for example, supporters cling to the "he talks like one of us" rubric. OK, even if that were true, he is a known liar. In order for America to be great again, this must be disqualifying. His advice in business even advocates lying (the other party doesn't see it coming.) If you get ahead but do so by being untruthful, have you really gotten ahead in life? AND, you have to remember you told the lie. Slightly exhausting to constantly be looking over one's shoulder, wouldn't you say?  

Prior to 2016, the lie was always there... but there was a shared reality where something obviously false had no chance. And now, we daily have to confront "The Big Lie" - that the person who was defeated in the 2020 Presidential election actually won. Sure, I would like to stay away from the politics of that matter, but the people who render judgements on elections being false or true, have made their judgement. This era has also been marked by the re-emergance of propaganda (at press conferences).
Furthermore, journalists (whether they were wrong or right) were attacked for having asked questions. The U.S. Constitution expressely forbade the type of leader that seeks to de-legitimize the information flow.

A lie told often enough can eventually become a truth.

Just be thankful you live in an English-speaking country.
Reality-checking is, to put it mildly, is MUCH more popular amongst major English news sources. In China, for example, there isn't the equivilent of Snopes, Politifact, YouTube, or Media Matters to suss out whether or not something a random famous person said had any basis in fact. A person could just say something, and pay 1000 people to say it is correct, and that would be it. No watchdogs. No oversight. In many other countries it is simply worse.
There are places where truth in advertising is on your honor. If you are a person with no honor, well, then there is no truth.

Lying for sport.

There is lying, especially online, in places you would not expect it. When someon regales a "first-hand account"... the entirety of that could be made-up. I think it's wise to assume a 50/50 accuracy percentage, with stories told by people. I think the track record backs that up.        
It is also my feeling that injecting religion into the debate, opens up a different set of rules. It's also a rookie way of seeing the world. This is why the founding fathers of this country stated in plain speak that a separation of church and state was so important. If you believe the other side is not just WRONG, but also EVIL, then all actions are justified... including lying. One can justify any action, of they view the other side as EVIL. (the Holocaust comes to mind...)

The former President of our country aligns himself with religion for this very reason. His only motivation has nothing to do with the word of God, but rather to acheive a goal. And he is known for dishonesty.


This situation is not over.

October 2020

2020 Presidential Debates

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Well, it is the day after the 3rd and final presidential debate for 2020

Each side claimed their candidate "won" the debate.

The Democrats and Republicans both have news channels devoted to the respective sides. First of all, how could it possibly be "news" if they favor a particular side? News is, by definition, an accounting of what happened. There is no right or left to events that occured... but obviously the reporting of it is subject to formatting...

Anyway, there are several moments that stuck out: 

    • Microphones needed to be muted, a first.
    • Each referred to the other side as "the enemy"
    • The Presidential Debates were upended, another "norm" of American democracy no longer recognized as normal

    The first debate was widely panned as a "shithow". That's the official description. Lots of talking over each other and not much substance. Donald Trump pussed out of the 2nd debate, so that left the 3rd debate as the final time the candidates would meet.

    Each campaign described their candidate as the victor. The American voter had to judge for themselves, not being able to rely on accurate reporting. This also brings up a crucial point: why do these outlets place such importance on who "won" the debate? A debate is not a thing you win. The purpose of the candidates facing off is so the voter can see a slice of their personality, prior to the election. "Winning" is not the point. If you "win", but do so by behaving in an unlikable manner... then you have actually lost, haven't you? Because people will not like you (and you are there to be liked and succeed in the election, not to best the other guy.)

November 2020

Trump Presidency Plusses


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Donald Trump capitalized on a thing that was already there.

But, during his term as President, several items became clear:

  • Evangelicals thoroughly discredited themselves.
  • The nation formally became tribal. It was always there, but now there is a name on it.
  • The US Democracy held. The government of this country still manages to function, even with the concept "adult in the room" becoming a common thing.
  • Racists revealed themselves.
  • Homophobes revealed themselves.
  • Civics became a thing (Election fraud, Constitution, laws, etc) Citizens learned about how our government operates, and politics became a common topic. Additionally, instead of venturing overseas and getting the USA mixed-up in an another stupid and wasteful war, our President focussed our disagreements on DOMESTIC nature. I'll give him credit for that.
  • Half of the voters did sadly choose party over country. They ID'd themsleves.

The United State of America has been heading in this direction for a matter of years. Decades, I would say. Certianly, since as long as I can remember. This situation was not terribly surprising, so much of my college study was in this area. From John Boehner fighting dirty against Barack Obama, to Mitch McConnell doing blatently unconstitutional things (refusing subpeonas for example, inventing a "rule" that judiciary nominees cannot happen in a candidate's final year), this outcome could be foreseen. Donald Trump was primarily an opportunist. He pursued a future in a way others did not.

IMO, there is hardly political party affiliation anymore. And that happened in the last 4 years. That is different than it was before. I have some opinions that jive with Democrat, and some with Republican. I don't have to pledge allegiance to either side. That's not how things are now.

October 2020 

On California Nationhood.

California could take this current opportunity to become a nation.

This state no longer fits in with the other states, for a number of reasons.

  • Taxation
  • Electoral Power
  • Inventions
  • Culture

While the 49 other states siphon tax dollars from CA, it has become glaringly obvious government here differs from the national government. And when you really want to affect change, you hit people in the place they care most about: the pocketbook. Once the citizenry realizes that they are being taken advantage of financially - they will be upset at the other states, and open to options. This idea seeks to pre-empt that anger.
Inventions get taken from us, our culture is hugely different, and CA gets f@#*ed electorally. Based on how the electoral college currently works we would have 190 something. Now, that is slightly unfair to the rest of the country... but 190 compared to 55???

The California resident has a different public health scenario that other US States. Our coronavirus response here differs from rest of the nation, has been held back by it, and certianly differs from Washington D.C.

The U.S. Constitution was written during slavery.

California could start by making a modern Constitution - which would include other races. The current one does not. That alone is an inaccurate make-up of US society. Imagine if I walked around with servents, in chains. In 2022. WTF.
Look at the dates the U.S. Constitution was ratified, and then look at the date of the Emancipation Proclimation.

Cuturally, what does this state have in common with some hillbilly rapist that rides a HORSE to the poll location and then pulls out a GUN? Or Duck Dynasty fanboat hick in a bayou? We ain't tryna eat crawdads and live in a trailer making mayonnaise sandwiches either. 

2021 is a great year for CA to become it's own country.   

I will design the flag for free.